Welcome to Psycs Mini-Academy

At Psycs, we are creating a new kind of service for children in the Inner West of Sydney that we believe does not currently exist. We are initially trialling an after school philosophy group program that will run over 10 weeks. Following this trial we may expand the program to include, history, archecture, science and engineering, archaeology and mathematics.

This is NOT SCHOOL and there is no homework. Your child will participate with 6-10 other children each week in a group discussion led by our facilitators (who will have university education in their chosen topic/field). The goal is for the group to be first and foremost social and fun, then to also spark and stimulate that addictive learning instinct that many children possess. 

Who is the program designed for? If your child asks why (a lot) then this is the program for them. Children who are deep thinkers, who like to have discussions about ideas big and small, who perhaps want an alternative or an addition to after school sports activities, who want to meet new people and develop new intellectual and social connections, then this is the program for them.

We are calling on expressions of interest for participation in the pilot program of our initial phisolophy groups - we hope to commence week one of NSW school term 2.

Cost: Free - we just want some feedback and to spread the word if your child enjoys the program



Grade 3-4 Wednesday at 4pm

Grade 5-6 Wednesday at 5pm

Grade 7-9 Wednesday 6pm

Topics covered:

Morality and ethics





Pscyhophyics - Aesthetics

Mind and language

Cross cultural philosophical approaches

Sample of topics to be discussed:

1. Is it OK to steal a loaf of bread in order to give it to your starving family?

2. Are we living in a computer simluation? How would we know? Does it matter? Why or why not?

3. How do we know that other people are conscious?

4. What is a good life?

5. What is the difference between morals and ethics?

6. How do I know if someone is making a good or bad argument?

7. What is the difference between causation and correlation?

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