Hello and welcome to PSYCS, a clinical psychology service supporting the community of Sydney. We are located in Balmain, just west of the CBD of Sydney.


The principal and director of PSYCS is Josh Broderick (PhD and senior clinical psychologist). Josh has a special interest in several areas of mental health practice including but not limited to:

1. Complex child and adolescent mental health disorders  such as challenging and disurptive behaviour disorders, ADHD, and depression.

2. Mindfulness and meditative based approaches to adult mood and anxiety issues.

3. Obsessive-compulisve disorder across all age ranges.

4. Coping with grief across all age ranges

5. Addiction (videogames/electronics/food/substances/sex)


PSYCS is committed to providing professional, discrete, individualised and evidence-based assessments and interventions for individuals with severe and complex mental health conditions; or with learning/school/work difficulties.

PSYCS also offers help for less complex or less severe psychological issues and/or help with adjustment to stress or help improving performance and finding value and meaning in life.


Josh is a Psychology Board of Australia approved clinical psychologist and is approved as a supervisor of other psychologists. 

Josh has previously worked at the Child Behaviour Research Clinic at the University of Sydney where he worked as a Senior Clinical Psychologist and Project Manager.  He has worked at a paediatric developmental health organisation and in a public hospital (specialising in consult-liaison psychiatry mostly with adults but also with some child patients).


He has links with local (and some not local) GPs, psychiatrists, speech therapists (and other allied health professionals) and many school counsellors. 

Josh has conducted hundreds of mental health, cognitive and learning assessments on both adult and child patients using only evidence-based tools. PSYCS has a large test kit library for assessment of giftedness and learning difficulties (across all age ranges).



Josh holds a Bachelor of Science (hons class 1), Master of Clinical Psychology and PhD in clinical psychology. He is a Adjunct Fellow at Macquarie University School of Psychology. He has been a lecturer at the University of New South Wales, developing and implementing courses about psychopathology and practical applications of basic psychological science as applied to mental health. As part of this work he held a post-doc position at UNSW for a year.


He has published peer reviewed research on adult anxiety (specifically obsessive-compulsive disorder), treatment for child behaviour and emotion problems, and human associative learning.


He has spoken at national and international conferences on the topics of obsessive-compulsive disorder and the treatment of child emotion and behaviour problems.


Josh is passionate about delivering evidence-based interventions for mental health problems affecting individuals across the life span. 


He uses cognitive-behavioural therapy, behaviour change or behaviour analysis therapy, exposure therapy, attachment based family systems therapy and mindfulness based cognitive therapy. 

Josh regularly practices meditation and where appropriate recommends it as an integrated strategy (as part of a broader treatment approach) to help individuals manage problematic stress, anxiety and depression.


B.Sci(Psych)Hons first class;  M.Psych(Clinical) Hons; PhD (Psychology) - all attained at University of New South Wales (Australia)