Gifted Child Clinic

Hello and welcome to the Gifted Child Clinic, serving children and adolescents of the inner city Sydney community. We are located in Balmain, Sydney but are happy to see individuals from all across NSW.

The Gift Child Clinic was setup with the purpose of supporting the mental health and educational needs of children who are either Gifted or Highly Gifted.

The Gifted Child Clinic offers uniquely tailored, gold standard, evidence-based assessments for Giftedness including IQ testing and other widely used cognitive assessment tools. Our IQ testing materials cover more than the typically employed measures of IQ (e.g., WISC). We are able to make a diagnosis of Giftedness and propose specific educational plans for your child. Proper assessment and diagnosis can also help with gaining access to specific educational programs.

The Gifted Child Clinic also provides therapy to Gifted children who may be struggling to come to grips with their unique attributes.

The Gifted Child Clinic is run by Josh Broderick, PhD. To find out more about Josh please click here.


Image by Anita Jankovic